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Enactus Bangor

Bangor University

Creating projects that transform lives👥


We are Enactus Bangor. Our ultimate aim is to create a better world for the next generation. Enactus Bangor is a little different from the other societies you will see, this is because we are an external organisation. Enactus is a global non-profit organisation that creates community projects that will enable long term and positive change, in order to do this a buisness model is applied to every Enactus Project. We are constantly looking for new members to bring fresh new ideas to the society. If you are driven, ambition and innovative you have what it take to be the next generation of leaders. What can we do for you: - Develop your leadership skills and management abilities - Give you practical business experience - The chance to present on a national scale - Boost your cv and confidence We have a number of well-known sponsors that support Enactus Uk such as Amazon, Asda, Barclays, Tesco,Ford, Unilever as well as many more! The usual application to hire ratio for students is usually 7-9%. However, this ratio increases to 45-85% for students that have been invloved with Enactus!! In addition, we also have compete in National compettions, as we compete against 67 unvierstites across the Uk. The winning team has the chance of winning the Enactus World Cup where they compete against 35 other countries that are part of Enactus. Just to give a break down of how big Enactus is, there are: 36 particaipting countries 69,000+ participating students 4,100+ team projects 1,177,000+ lives directly impacted Our sponsors include: Unilever, KPMG, Amazon, DIAGEO, Coca-Cola, and Barclays.


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