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Have you ever wanted to use your passion for engineering to create a better world? If so, then welcome to Engineering Change! Our work is centered on two pillars: applying our engineering efforts to real world projects with positive societal impact, and empowering our members with resources to deliver their best in whatever projects they are involved in. Join one of our dedicated teams working on an exciting project. This year, we are working with the Ambassador of Nicaragua on a new group of challenges. Design the technology and infrastructure to provide water to one of the driest areas in the world with the Mina la India Project Develop and install solar energy panels in Leon Design and construct smart equipment for economically deprived children, to support their development with the Nicaragua Education Culture and Arts Trust Implement solutions to clean the Chiquito River & reforest the Arlen Siu Park in Leon Or, join the Comoros Project team, a new initiative to improve education in Comoros. Get involved in buildings design, COVID relief schemes and construction in Summer 2021.You may even be able to travel abroad to implement the project in situ! You can also join one of our Computing Projects with Dr.Pedro Baiz, as we attempt to help some of the world's poorest farmers by tackling climate change using data technologies such as Machine Learning and Satellite Imaging. We have talks throughout the year by our partnering NGOs, to help you connect with the projects you have taken up, and workshops to help you develop the skills needed for the projects. Each team will be assigned a mentor, dedicated to being with you every step of the way. There are also, of course, plenty of socials where you can get to know the other members. Being an active member of Engineering Change will help you hone practical skills that cannot be taught in a classroom, and also involve you with a tight-knit community of students who want to make a difference in the world.We look forward to working with you!
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