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Logo of Entrepreneurship Club Bocconi

Entrepreneurship Club Bocconi

Università Bocconi

Bocconi University's student organization for the world's next generation of brilliant, creative minds. ✨🚀


E-club is the association of students-entrepreneurs at Bocconi. The mission of this club is to build a mutually supportive environment where young entrepreneurs can develop their projects and improve their skills while experimenting freely. We aim to spread entrepreneurial culture and create opportunities by empowering students and connecting talent across multiple universities, locally and internationally. Our members have an active interest in entrepreneurship, by either working for a startup, developing a project, constantly learning skills or being involved in the family business. For those who are not working on their own venture, there will be plenty of occasions to take initiative by organizing the club’s activities, plan events and curate our network in the local ecosystem. We strongly encourage our members to make this group a useful resource by proposing projects, attending our events and building long lasting relationships with the other students. In fact, active participation is what makes this club successful.