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Welcome to the European Affairs Society! The primary objective of the new society is to delve into and champion the core values, artistic heritage, and foreign policies of the EU across all academic areas at Anglia Ruskin campuses. While it encompasses all disciplines, there's a special emphasis on Legal and International Relations courses. This society offers a welcoming platform for international students to enhance their understanding, form lasting bonds, expand their professional connections, and navigate the intricate matters related to European affairs. This will be achieved through various events, discussions, and group interactions. The European Affairs Society is a group aimed at bringing together students interested in EU affairs, politics, and Europe in general, and educating the wider university community on the importance of a strong EU-UK bond, especially following Brexit. The Society aims to hold regular events, including socials, guest talks with speakers from the EU institutions and beyond, as well as debates and discussions on the most pressing current issues. Students of all backgrounds and disciplines are welcomed to join. Examples of events include, seminar talks on what is European union, studying international law, professions in international law, debates and networking events.