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Imperial College London (ICL)


We are a group of Jesus loving students who hope to explore together the more meaningful side of University life, challenging students to discover purpose and value. We do this through meeting in groups, worshipping together, outreach, and serving the community. Not only that, but we also love to have fun and community together, to support each other and have a good time. Some of what we do includes sharing good food, hanging out, watching movies and playing board games. But all with the intention of following Jesus; to listen, surrender to, and obey him joyfully. Apart from our own society on campus, we also hold retreats with Every Nation student churches all over Europe! We are a family united in a mission to follow Jesus, and to empower our fellow students for a great LIFE of Leadership, Integrity, Faith, and Excellence. Although a majority of our message is rooted in Christian values, we have regular discussions and connect groups with people of all faiths, cultures and views, and we would love to get to know you!





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