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Logo of Female Forces in Fashion Business Society

Female Forces in Fashion Business Society

University College London (UCL)


Founded in 2021, UCLFFFB is the new, contemporary, student-led society that embarks on each own journey in the business side of the fashion world.Check out our Instagram for updates: https://www.instagram.com/uclfffb/ Who we areThe purpose of this society is to offer a feminist perspective to the business forces of the fashion industry. We aim to offer guidance to students that would like to embark on their own journey in the business side of the fashion world. We will bring like-minded individuals together to participate in events where professionals from the industry discuss their experiences and share tips. What we doThrough industry presentations, networking events, and discussions with a plethora of professionals from different sectors, we want students to engage with them on crucial topics related to their respective fields. Various themes will be explored, such as the quest for sustainability, social media, and women in the luxury supply chain. Students will be engaged in these themes, with the four sectors of our planned activities. We want to meet up with entrepreneurs, fashion designers, and artists related to the fashion field. But also have industrial tours to see the work in industries. Finally, it is of major significance to us to display the work we will do as a team over the years and help our members start their own fashions adventures.The society’s activities will fall under one of the following 4 sectors:Social EventsWe aim to host two social events per month which will include will be either informal discussions, online quizzes, or presentations over specific topics concerning the female forces in fashion.Workshops and SeminarsWe intend to create workshops where we will be introducing new topics (i.e. how to start your own fashion start-up, creativity and leadership, building a fashion brand). The seminars will be interactive and often they will feature guest speakers. The seminars will include access to “Masterclass” classes from various renowned speakers. Finally, we would like to organize visits to Fashion Ateliers, in order to see the creative process and further understand the business side of the fashion industry.LecturesOur society will be hosting a variety of lecturers. The lectures will be followed by Q&A’s, but also further discussions with the members of the society giving us feedback.TripsThe society intends to organize a small trip per year. In this experience we will plan visits to fashion museums, to ateliers or even fashion seminars regarding the forces in fashion in other countries, aiming to engage our members in active discussions featuring the different viewpoints of people from all around the world (multicultural society). 
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