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Games Design  SET UP A GOAL, JOIN THE SOCIETY AND ACHIEVE IT! WE ARE THE CHANGE, WE ARE GAME DESIGNERS!  The Games Design Society is an academic society attached to the BA GAMES DESIGN course. If you are a Games Design student or someone who would be interested in working in the industry or your future plans are to get to know more about Games Design and what it truly means to be a game designer, then this is the right society for you! We organise multiple workshops, study groups and academic events that will help students to improve their communication, design, tech, art and sound skills! We share our ideas, we discuss interesting topics, we join game jams, we peer review each other's essays and WE LEARN TOHGETER! It is all about leaning! There is always room for improvement and learning new skills! There are a lot of things that you can learn within the society, from 2D art to 3D modelling, from tech to studies, histories, design and creative writing, we have a wide variety of topics to be discussed within the society. ADD THE FREE MEMBERSHIP TO YOUR BASKET, PROCEED TO THE CHECKOUT AND BECOME A MEMBER OF THE SOCIETY! JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP (go to WEBSITE) IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE DETAILS OF OUR DISCORD SERVER! 
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