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Working to unite students, faculty, and professionals in the pursuit of a greater appreciation for genetics!

University College London (UCL)


Welcome to the UCL Genetics Society homepage!The UCL Genetics Society (or GenSoc as it’s colloquially known) serves as a body for enriching students’ understanding of genetics and related fields through a wide range of events and publications. Furthermore, it provides an environment where people of all disciplines can come together to share ideas for the field, fostering a welcoming community. Throughout the 2021-22 academic year GenSoc will be hosting both regular and one-off events, including the following:Weekly Journal Club meetings: In the Journal Club, a member of the society will volunteer to give a presentation relating to either a topic of their interest or a paper they found particularly inspiring (this could be you!). The presentation will be expected to last roughly 30-45 minutes, with an opportunity for attendees to ask questions afterwards.External Speaker Events/Seminars: GenSoc aims to host a range of external speaker events, giving members the chance to hear from professionals in a range of professions including research, industry, and journalism. If you would like to hear from someone in particular, please reach out and we will do our best to contact them!Social Events: Now that both in-person and online socials are possible, GenSoc will be hosting regular social events, which may include trips, picnics, quizzes, games, and many more. We can’t wait to meet you there!Workshops: We want to learn about genetics, and we think you do too! We will be hosting workshops on topics voted on by our members, with a series of mini-presentations followed by a discussion or practical experience.In addition to events, GenSoc will produce regular written pieces for members to enjoy, which can be viewed on our website https://geneticssocietyucl.com:Monthly Newsletter: This is where you can find out all about what happened in the last month, as well as the timetable for the next.Blog: GenSoc’s blog is a space where both members and committee alike can share written pieces in a professional published format. Any topic in the field of genetics is fair game – whatever your interest, we want to hear it! To accommodate members with a range of experience, GenSoc will pitch academic events and writing at a lower undergraduate level, as well as providing the means for those with greater prior experience to further build on their knowledge.We invite you to follow GenSoc’s social media pages, as well as joining the Discord server, a dedicated digital space for the society.





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