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Global Brigades is a student-led charitable organization that works to sustainably empower under-resourced communities with initiatives ranging from water aid, public health, business, engineering, and legal empowerment. We work with communities in Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ghana and have more recently expanded to Greece! We are committed to empowering 100 rural Central American communities to permanently rise out of global poverty through 3 core components which align to 6 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: #3 Good health, #6 Clean water and sanitation, #8 Decent work and economic growth. The UNSDG’s are an urgent call for all countries - developed and developing - in global partnership. We recognise that ending poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health, education and reduce inequality.  HOW DO WE ENSURE SUSTAINABILITY AND AVOID VOLUNTOURISM? Global Brigades is conscious of ensuring that our programs have a long-lasting impact that remains after our volunteers have finished their brigades. We ensure our programs contain initiatives that focus on education and engaging with members of the local community instead of merely implementing aid that often reinforces the cycles of poverty it tries to remedy. GLOBAL BRIGADES 2020 IS SENDING OUT TWO BRIGADES! Medical Brigade to Ghana in June [exact dates TBC]Legal Empowerment Brigade to Panama 23th-29th August Since we are student-led, we realise that many international volunteering projects abroad costs thousands to participate in. Our brigades have a scaled donation goal which is cheaper the more volunteers we gather. It covers the cost of accommodation, food, insurance and the resources you will be using during the brigade - everything except flights. Most importantly, the donation goal can be entirely fundraised! Go check out our website: https://www.globalbrigades.org/   and our social media @kclglobalbrigades to start your brigade journey today! 
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Non-profit sector