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Green Party Welcome to the Brunel Green Party Society web-page! Here we display information about our society, links to our social media accounts and links for events we are running at Brunel University!  Founded in 2019, The Brunel Green Party Society is a fairly-new society which seeks to educate and share our thoughts on green policies and political news, work and network with green councillors, members, committees and the local community, to raise awareness for climate change, social change and sustainable living. What we do: Fortnightly Meet-ups, where we discuss and educate ourselves on Green Party policies, the current UK Government situation, lowering our environmental impact and raising awareness of sustainable practices.  Movie nights, food nights and creative sessions to raise awareness are planned as well as hearing from guest speakers from the Greens and other groups. We are a member of the Green Alliance;  We work alongside the Brunel Wildlife and Conservation society, Brunel Environmental Society and support the Environmental and Ethics Officer at the Students Union.  Community Events: We have a close relationship with the Hillingdon and wider Green Party of England and Wales, and wish to provide support at events, protests, elections and meet-ups. Litter-picking and flower planting are also keen interests. This year, one of our main goals is supporting students at Brunel University with education on reducing waste, sustainable practices, and helping lower our individual carbon footprints. Our social media accounts, especially our instagram, will become a hub of information on these topics, and also a centre for information about the society and its events! Make sure to give us a follow! Send us a DM or an email if you want anymore information!  
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