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Welcome to the UCL Guild, your career compass!  The UCL Guild is an alliance of 5 of the leading career societies at UCL: Business Society, Data Science Society, Entrepreneurs Society, Investment Society and Women in Finance Society. Using our extensive experience and insider info, we give you the tools necessary to kick-start your career. In the 2019/2020 academic year, each of our societies have achieved amazing things in collaboration with Credit Suisse, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg among many other prominent employers. In the coming academic year, we will continue to assist you in your career journey - whether you need application advice for different industries or want to find out more about what suits you! Here’s a summary on what we offer: Industry events – whether introducing you to a new industry or letting you network with representatives from top firms, Mentorship Schemes and Skills Workshops – whether you need help on internship applications or on soft-skills to get you into your dream job, Competitions - your chance to show what you’re capable of! Social Events - we host some of the largest socials on campus, allowing you to connect with likeminded people, And more! To get first dibs on all our events, make sure to get your free membership here, and find us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn! Don’t forget to check out our website and our careers blog to find more information about what we’re up to throughout the year. Last but not least, sign up to our Weekly Newsletter to get notifications about upcoming opportunities. Feel free to contact us regarding any question you may have. We look forward to having you!
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