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Logo of Hellenic-Cypriot Society

Hellenic-Cypriot Society

City, University Of London


We would like to welcome you to the Hellenic-Cypriot Society.The Hellenic-Cypriot Society is not only addressed to Greeks and Cypriots but rather everyone who has interest in the Hellenic and Cypriot cultures.Here you will enjoy frequent events that range from social get-togethers over dinner or coffee to charity fundraisers for Hellenic-Cypriot based charities.And of course festive celebrations over all of the Hellenic-Cypriot holidays.We hope you choose to become a member of our community and join our Facebook group. President: Constantinos Christodoulou (Constantinos.Christodoulou@cass.city.ac.uk)Finance Officer: Savvas Soteriou (Savvas.Soteriou@cass.city.ac.uk)Communications Officer: Alexandros Savvides(Alexandros.Savvides@cass.city.ac.uk)