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IDEA Society is the only UCL Society focused on emerging economies. We are part of an international network based in London called IDEAS Globally, which provides any globally-minded student the opportunity to become seriously involved with international development. We change lives by building social enterprises in emergent countries throughout the world, and have several levels of involvement available:I. Our core value is to run socially-entrepreneurial projects that engage deeply with major development problems in rapidly industrialising countries. These are organised from weekly workshops: you will be working within a hadron-collider for ideas.II. Providing you with cutting-edge information about emerging markets, delivered from key political, business and academic leaders.III. Connecting the best companies and industry-leaders working in emerging markets with you, through a range of networking events. IV. For members more interested in culture, eager to explore, for example, the cross-pollination of Chinese and Japanese art, we also run culturally-orientated talks.The society will ultimately enable students to completely differentiate themselves in the global job market: many of our members have taken on high-profile internships and work, following their unique business experience accrued in IDEAS Globally project teams.
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