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Logo of Indian National Student Association
Logo of Indian National Student Association

Indian National Student Association

Imperial College London (ICL)


INSA is an organisation that works to connect with all Indian students in the UK in order to promote their well-being, to keep them bridged with their roots in India and to nurture them as future leaders for India.Join this colossal network of past and present Indian students in the UK. The organization has two-fold objectives. First, to promote the well-being and protect the interests of Indian students coming to the UK for their students. Second, to nurture future leaders and ambassadors for India who could represent India well in their personal capacity. Guided by the principal of ‘India First’, INSA also focuses on maintaining the rich traditions, the myriad of colours and cultural heritage of India. INSA presently has members from thirty-five universities across the UK, with particularly strong presence in fourteen universities including University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and Imperial College London.





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