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Queen Mary, University Of London (QMUL)


Law penetrates into every area of human activity, every industry, and every discipline. It is almost impossible to understand the law in isolation; it is connected to the policies made by the Government, human psychology, morals, ethics, and philosophies (just to name a few). Regulation is needed to penalize the wrongdoers and create chaos- free working in society. From fintech to health, the law has its influence everywhere. Law’s relation to other disciplines is seldom talked about but is of the utmost importance. As a society, we want to bring together those who are interested in understanding the impact of the law on different disciplines and debate the socio-legal elements of our society. Beneficial for people from all walks of life, we want to widen our learning and understanding of these correlations, and for everyone to participate and create a network of multidisciplinary relationships. We want to create a society where brilliant ideas meet, to create a truly unique experience for all.   AIMS Educate about the ways in which law is related to numerous disciplines like Science, Medicine, Psychology, and other socio-legal elements Introduce alternative career paths after a law degree, and vice versa Educate people from all walks of life about the socio-legal elements in society  Provide a forum for discussion to people who want to learn about multi-disciplines and how the disciplines are in real life Create strong networks for the future
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