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Intersectional Feminist Society aims to be both a safe place for women and non-binary people as well as a powerful and unifying force on LSE campus.We'd really like to help make a supportive community of like-minded people, which can also be used as a platform to highlight for the issues that affect women and non-binary people of all races, genders, able-bodiedness and sexual orientations.We pride ourselves on our focus on inclusivity, diversity, community and empowerment. We have lots of exciting events planned virtually and in-person and will hopefully be launching our first flagship event in March to celebrate International Women’s Day - we will have a fun formal ball to celebrate the amazing women at LSE!  Membership To gain membership, you only need to pay £2.00 and will then have access to all of our events for the whole year and will gain the opportunity to meet like-minded people and friends! Events and Activities Some events we have planned for you are: Pizza and drinks nights Campaigning/opportunities to get involved in activism (check out Hands Off LSE) Movie nights (especially films with strong themes of women empowerment!) Talks from prominent women figures in different fields eg politics, creatives, business International Women’s Day ball.
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