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Intersectionality Society

Brunel University London


Intersectionality A society about intersectionality and anti-discrimination such as feminism, racism, ableism, islamaphobia, lgbtphobia etc.   "There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives"- Audre LordeOur aim is to educate the students in the Brunel union about the ,aforementioned, topics in a more fun and interactive way. We are planning to  hold talks about certain issues/conflict that affects us daily to protesting to make sure these topics are reached to the public. - There is a WhatsApp group with 40+ members with information about events and current news occurring, that can be joined if you Direct Message us on our insta page with a ScreenShot of proof that you have purchased the membership.  Committee:Chair- NatashaVice-Chair- FabyeonWeb Officer- LaylaTreasurer- KritiEvents Officer- ShaunakSecretary- Aniqa  
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