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City, University Of London


Meet City ISoc. Being one of the largest and most diverse societies at City with members meeting daily at prayers, you will enjoy a buzzing and lively atmosphere of strong brother/sister hood with us. City University Islamic Society aims to cater for all the basic needs of Muslims on campus including daily prayers, regular events (including dinners, outdoor trips and sporting events!) and a wide range of services.Our principal is to unitedly hold tight onto the classical Qur'anic and Prophetic teachings of Islam.At the end of your journey with us, we aim to help you develop into righteous upright members living harmoniuolsy with wider society inshaAllaah (God-Willing).If you're not a Muslim, City ISoc welcomes you with open arms too! We will help guide you in your search, introducing you to the wonders of the Islamic Faith. Whoever you are, City ISoc is here for you!Email islam@city.ac.uk