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What is ju-jitsu? Ju-jitsu is a Japanese martial art that focuses on using an opponent's power against them, employing a mixture of throws, joint locks and strikes. Our style, Shorinji Kan, is designed for practical defence in the modern world, from unwanted harassment to armed physical assault.Ju-Jitsu can be learned by anyone, regardless of gender or size. We welcome people of all experience and fitness levels throughout the year. Our club is affiliated with The Jitsu Foundation (TJF). We meet with over 130 other affiliated clubs twice a year at national competitions and we try to see other London clubs for friendlies and socials as often as possible. It's a great way to get to know people from uni and all over the country. Brazilian Ju-Jitsu BJJ is a self-defense martial art and combat sport based on grappling, ground fighting and submission holds. How much is it? The first two weeks of the year are free for everyone! If you enjoy your first session, we ask that you buy our membership to help support the club. To keep training you need a license and mat fees. See our site for details. Find out more You can find out more on our website and check our Facebook page for updates. You can also follow us on Instagram.