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Logo of Justice and Peace Society

Justice and Peace Society

City, University Of London


The Justice and Peace society aims to connect like-minded students across all courses in an effort to promote equality. We aspire to provide opportunities for members to share their thoughts on issues across the globe through discussion groups and panels.We plan to bring guest speakers educated on any issues you would like to discuss, raise funds for charities of your choosing, and organise competitions to groom your public speaking skills and test your knowledge. We seek to provide our members with various volunteering, research, and fundraising opportunities. All our members will be kept up to date through our weekly newsletter and social media channels.As a new society, we are open to suggestions. This means that you could be a part of shaping this society into something you would be proud to be involved with. This society is open to everyone, regardless of their course, background, or beliefs.We hope that you will join us and hone your skills by participating in our professional and social events!