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KCL Anti Body-Shaming and Self-Esteem

King's College London (KCL)

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Improve mental and physical health, lifestyle, and social confidence throughout the University experience! Change the societal perspective of ‘role model body’. What we will show is that starving or undergoing plastic surgeries is not necessary to be accepted by society, but that a healthy body, confidence, and aspiration to mentally and physically develop are related. Every human being is unique on their own, and there is no such objective standard to a phenomenon as ‘universal beauty. Our message is that one should start accepting themselves regardless of societal fashion and do what makes them feel happy.If one wants to change something about themselves – they should do it naturally, caring about their body– this will gradually lead to an increase in self-esteem, which is likely to remain steady. We promote healthy lifestyles by supporting individual transformation and a positive mindset will help students perform well in academia and life.