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Logo of KCL Climate Action Society

KCL Climate Action Society

King's College London (KCL)


 Our goals are to unite students from every background to bring awareness on climate change in order to act against it, to create a multidisciplinary approach to climate change in order to encourage debate and innovation in thought, and to provide a platform within King’s College London in order to hold the university accountable for its climate related actions. To do that, we are hosting regular events, such as academic lectures, film screenings, and social events, and we are leading campaigns to target specific issues of climate change.  We are an interactive society which means that we want our members to be actively involved. This year we are launching a discussion club, where we once or twice a month will post recommendations about books, articles, documentaries or films and discuss them on Instagram or Zoom and invite members to join us for a conversation. We are always open for new ideas from our members, so please don't hesitate to get in touch. Whether you’re already a climate activist or a student desperately trying to get involved in a society without knowing where to start, join us at events and on social media - because our future is your future too!If you would like to know more, contact us via email or social media!
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