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 From darkness lead me to light - Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (1.3.28) As one of the largest student-run Hindu societies in the country, KCL Hindu Society truly aims to be a platform for spiritual development and wellbeing for all. Dharma is that which gives one meaning, purpose and grounding in this ever-changing life. Being part of the National Hindu Students Forum (UK), we aim to bring forth Hindu representation and the Hindu youth voice in all spheres of university life, to contribute to our mission: to Protect, Preserve, Practice and Promote Hindu Dharma. Join us for an exciting range of events throughout the year, with our annual KCL Garba and Maharaja Ball, as well as stimulating and thought-provoking talks and debates, interspersed with some socials and dinners! For those who wish to participate in intellectual and scholarly discussions, for those who want a good game of Kabaddi, for those who want to enjoy a simple Aarti on a Thursday evening or even for those who want to learn more about this label of ‘Hindu.’ There’s a space here for everyone. A home away from home.