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We’re the KCL campaign group for People & Planet, hoping to contribute to social, economic, and environmental justice within KCL. There’s always more KCL can do to be equitable and sustainable. Our society helps highlight ways in which this is possible. Hopefully, we can make KCL a university that puts marginalised communities and the environment first, before profit and power, to create a more just KCL.    Currently, we’re running a campaign called Undoing Borders, part of a wider student movement, fighting for migrant justice for students and staff. It’s wrong to criminalise the movement of vulnerable people, especially when their displacement is the result of our global political and economic system.   We want students and youth to be a driving force in creating a better world by training, supporting, and mentoring them to be effective change-makers and integrate principles of collective liberation in campaigns. Open for everyone to join!
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