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Logo of KCL Respiratory Society

KCL Respiratory Society

King's College London (KCL)


KCL Respiratory Society is a novel student-led society that aims to promote the study of Respiratory Medicine within the university setting and wider community.  We intend to host Educational Lecture Series and Mock OSCEs delivered from students and clinicians alike. Our eventual goal is to organise a National Respiratory Conference to grant in-depth exposure to the discipline while encouraging the networking of students with professionals for the undertaking of respiratory-related research projects.   Our Outreach Programme has the objective of developing relations with the local community by providing student-led Basic Life Support courses and helping promote good respiratory health.  We hope to collaborate with other societies in fundraising for charities that research into and provide support to those who suffer from debilitating respiratory conditions. We would love for students from all courses to engage in our society, and gain valuable insight into this wonderful branch of Medicine!