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KCL Swiss Society

King's College London (KCL)


 Welcome to the KCL Swiss Society! Events & Activities: This year is the first year we have introduced the Swiss society at Kings College. Here are a few events we are planning on hosting:    - Raclette and cheese fondue night    - Wine and Swiss cheese tastings   - Quiz on Zoom, Swiss related themes    - More academic yet fun events to discuss national holidays (ex. l’Escalade, Fasnacht…)   - Collaborations with other societies for academic events   - Networking events with Alumnus back in Switzerland    - And many more…. You can join:    - If you are interested to learn more about Switzerland    - If you’re Swiss        - If you just lived in Switzerland    - Even if you don’t speak the 4 national languages (all our events in English!) With our Swiss Society membership, you will be able to:    - Get discounts on all our events throughout the year.     - Be the first informed of our new events with our monthly newsletter.  Buy your membership, it’s only £5.00!We look forward to seeing you soon!  Hop Suisse! Hopp Schwiiz! Forza Svizzera!