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Campus entrepreneurship outside of the US is embarrassing. Kickstart is changing this. We are bringing together the smartest and most ambitious students to solve problems together. We believe there is incredible value in bringing the smartest and most ambitious students from across London to solve problems because no one institution has a monopoly on talent. This is what we did in 2018. In less than 2 weeks, we attracted over a 1000 applications. More than half of our applicants were postgraduates, and nearly 40% were female. The startups we helped built are making real impact in healthcare, property, education and sustainability. They've won university pitching competitions, the McKinsey Venture Academy, Mayor's Entrepreneur Competition, and the F Factor. Some of the best founders will not wait to start their first company, neither will we. Kickstart is ambitious to become the default place for student founders to start their first company at, wherever they are.




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