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The King’s College London Think Tank is a unique student society and the first student-led policy institute in London. The society was founded in late 2010 in the wake of the student protests as a way of giving students another means of getting their voices heard by using the skills and subject knowledge that we learn at KCL practically. Students from all disciplines are invited to come and contribute to problem-solving on a wide variety of issues such as foreign policy, energy and environment, business and finance, immigration, defense, healthcare, education, crime, and many other areas of public policy. The recommendations we generate will be published in a journal at the end of each academic year. Our discussions will be supplemented by presentations from guest speakers throughout the year. The best thing about the society is that every public policy issue has a wide variety of different aspects, meaning that medics are just as important as historians and engineers can provide as much insight as lawyers. The past year has seen a series of high profile speakers, the publication of a journal, and the offering of internship and work placement opportunities at leading think tanks in London. Be sure to join the mailing list below to get updates in your inbox about our exciting events and how you can get involved in a fascinating project that will not only let your voice be heard but will look great on your CV.
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