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Imperial College London (ICL)


The largest political society on campus; this club believes that by the strength of our common endeavour, we achieve more than we achieve alone. The Labour Party is a democratic socialist party and the society is open to all who share in our Labour values. Imperial Labour Society will be running a wide range of events over the year, such as holding round-table discussions, hosting external speakers, running debates and socials with other societies, and organising tours of Parliament. Our signature social, Pints and Policy, takes place every month and is a fantastic way to meet fellow lefties. Joining Imperial Labour Society is also a great way to meet people from other universities. We will be running events alongside London Labour clubs at UCL, KCL, LSE and many more. We also have strong connections with both London Labour Students and London Young Labour. If you’re a member of the Labour Party as well as our club, you can also attend national events as a delegate, with costs partly subsidised by us. In addition, we will be running campaigns, both on and off-campus, in support of the party and to try and make both our university and the country a better place. Joining us is a great way to socialise, discuss opinions and experience politics unfold first hand.
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