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If you’ve ever watched Robot Wars, Red Bull Soap Box, Real Steel, or even enjoyed playing around with ‎Lego as a kid, and wanted to learn the skills to do the above, and more, LU EngSoc is the place for you. The Lancaster University Engineering Society brings together academic, social, and career-centric opportunities. It combines future-focused, CV-orientated opportunities with the ‘old Top Gear’ spirit, with slightly less calamity. Think less “ambitious, but rubbish”, and more “ambitious, but slightly competent and educational”. Be you a first-year wanting to find extra support in getting to the swing of university content, a third-year looking for opportunities to blow off some steam outside of the course, or even a bored student doing a course completely unrelated to engineering, we’re the perfect society for you. We look forward to seeing you upon joining! Any lingering questions? Shoot them our way: engineering.su@groups.lancaster.ac.uk Or check out our Facebook or Instagram for more info on events on the horizon.


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