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Libertarian Society

King's College London (KCL)


The Libertarian Society is the home of libertarian and classical liberal thought at King’s. Independent of any political party, we are a place for everyone who believes freedom is the way forward. Free markets, free speech, free trade and some scepticism of a big government telling you how you ought to live your life—if you believe in any of these, we might be the society for you! Whether you are already a committed proponent of personal and economic freedom or just find the idea of individual liberty somewhat appealing, sign up by purchasing our membership (It’s free!) and come by at one of our events. We have championed liberty and free and open debate on campus since we were founded. Having previously hosted debates on various perspectives from market environmentalism to postmodernism and objectivism, we remain committed to letting a variety of voices have their say and to offering a space for open discussions on all facets of freedom.   
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