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Queen Mary, University Of London (QMUL)


If you feel underrepresented in the current political discourse in Queen Mary, can’t find a politically affiliated society that would suit you, and/or want to engage in political activism/discussion, then this society is perfect for you!As the political spectrum on Queen Mary University is currently pretty narrow we decided to enhance it with a new way of looking at global affairs and issues. Our goal is to share with people the freedom approach, creating a community that wishes to discuss it, and learn more about it.The three main principles of our society are the Personal, Economic, and Societal Freedom, which we wish to discuss and voice on the campus (and beyond it). Our motto is Libertatem Enim Omnes, which means Freedom For All, and we as a society dedicate our work to spread its message. The programme of our society includes:- Collaborating with political entities, think tanks, and other similarly minded organizations- Hosting various guest speeches, political debates, and much more- Weekly meetings: the discussion of recent affairs in the political arena in an informal setting.- Having panel discussions and debates both inside our group and with other willing societies/groups- Spreading the message of Liberty to people across campus and beyond its walls- Working together on how to make the world a better place, improving our society's platform, so that it becomes something we can all stand behindWe are open to any ideas of activities - your enjoyment is our enjoyment!
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