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Lithuanian Society

Middlesex University (MDX)


The aim of the Society is ensure the communication and support for all Lithuanian students and those interested in Lithuania and its culture who are currently studying at Middlesex University. The continually increasing number of students from Lithuania led us to establish a platform that provides support for Lithuanian students at Middlesex and future students from the region. The first year at the university could be challenging. Therefore, our primary objective is to encourage students, help them to adapt to the new environment as well as provide competitive information within the university boundaries and outside of them. Moreover, creating a friendly and motivating environment that encourages young individuals to achieve their goals would diversify the culture of the students within the university.  Mission:Develop sustainable Lithuanian community;Develop the platform for assisting current and the future students;To commemorate important national celebrations and dates; Regular meetings or events stimulating students to have a magnificent time in university ;Important information announcements for citizens of Lithuanian.Vision:Maintain constantly increasing and developing community;actively introducing Lithuanian culture to the community within the university;To motivate current members of the community to initiate their project;To provide communication channels with current or graduated students about course opportunities and issues. Main Events for 2021/22:Movie Nights.Academic Trips.Social Events.Cultural Events. Your Committee Members for 2021/22: Irtiza Majeed (Public Relations Officer) - Originally from Pakistan, Irtiza Majeed is a research student (Criminology) at the School of Law. He is an International Student Ambassador and Union Council Representative at the MDX Students Union. His interests include entrepreneurship, investments, swimming, and traveling. Click here to get in touch with him. For general enquiries or to join the society please email us at: 


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