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Logo of LSESU Negotiation Society

LSESU Negotiation Society

London School Of Economics And Political Science (LSE)

Spreading the art of negotiation.


We at the LSESU Negotiation Society have one mission: To turn you into the best negotiator you can be. From closing million-dollar acquisition deals to negotiating your salary out of university, or even settling on a meeting time with colleagues, negotiation is everywhere. Why not get the most out of every situation by improving your negotiation skills? The LSESU Negotiation Society is a pioneer, being the very first negotiation-focused university society to be founded in London. We host events regularly throughout the year, where you can learn all the skills, strategies, and tactics that would allow you to gain favourable terms in any negotiation. As a member, you’ll gain access to all the activities that we host. Analyse the inner workings of successful negotiations in case studies, or gain valuable insights from prolific speakers in one of our workshops, all before testing your new skills out in our weekly training sessions. Don’t worry, no matter your level of experience, there will always be something to learn! We welcome people of all skill levels with open arms. We also often collaborate with other societies to explore more industry-specific applications of negotiation, ranging from legal contract negotiation to negotiating terms in a large-scale M&A deal, or even negotiating international government trade agreements.
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