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Malaysian Brunel Malaysian Society is a society formed on the basis of culture and political interest of the Malaysian community at Brunel University and their acquaintances. BMS or Brunel Msoc serves as an integral platform representing the collective interests of over 100 Malaysian students at Brunel University London.  Our ultimate mission is to contribute towards our nation, by enriching our brand as students with a high level of activism and upholding the nation’s pride. In doing so, we provide support for all Malaysians at Brunel to assimilate with the UK and varsity life in many ways including enabling them to experience conducive environment for their studies, apart from fostering unity that eventually promotes greater harmony with the general Brunel population. Thus, we host and welcome various activities that could enhance our capabilities and competencies, besides any events that possibly bring about excitement and well-being to our members, Brunel communities and global societies at large. OBJECTIVES 1. Grouping Malaysian students and students interested in Malaysian cultures in Brunel University London. 2. Participate in the Malaysian games held in other UK universities, e.g. Nottingham, Sheffield, Warwick, Manchester etc. 3. Cultural events. 4. Promote Malaysia. 5. Make university life feel more like home. 6. Celebrating festivals i.e. Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali. 7. Make more Malaysian learn about Brunel.8. Help new students settle down in the university. 9. Enhance relationship of Malaysian students. ACTIVITIES 1. Weekly/monthly get-together sessions. 2. Study groups. 3. Brunel Malaysian Night and Brunel Malaysian Games (tentatively). 4. Joint event with other cultural societies i.e. Korean society, Japanese society, Arabian society etc. , learn and exchange culture. 5. Brunel One World week. BENEFITS 1. With a proper society, it would be easier to find other sponsors, thus more funding to the society and events could be organised more successfully. 2. Group booking i.e. flights, outings. 3. Meeting point for peers of the same background, making this place far from home an enjoyable experience. 4. Experience for enhancing your CV for job hunting. 5. The possibility of getting contacts of Malaysian companies based in the UK, better chance of securing a job both in the UK and back in Malaysia. 6. Society t-shirt/hoodie (if available). 
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