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UCL Malaysian Society is delighted to invite any UCL students to join us in creating a Home away from Home! Our society strives to provide students with a sense of belonging through a tight-knit community that acts as a support system for all our members. Together, we hold events in many areas to bring people together, in celebration of Malaysian culture & identity. We cater to different needs and interests through a wide variety of events and dedicated departments:SOCIALSWe provide a plethora of social events for you to connect and build friendships with fellow Malaysians. From Festivity Celebration Dinners, Pre-Departure Camp and Food Festivals, we aim to facilitate the best bonding sessions one could ever offer!REPRESENTATIVE DIRECTOR PROGRAM (RD)Our Representative Director Program is our very own leadership development program for freshers to build their soft skills in planning and executing events, taking on leadership roles, as well as building interpersonal skills while working with a team of Freshers. Definitely something to add to that CV!SPORTSIf you are a sporty person, this department is just for you! We organise sports socials for members to get together and play Football, Captainball, Badminton, Basketball, Frisbee, Netball and Volleyball. We have opportunities for you to play both socially or competitively. Every year, we send our teams for the annual Nottingham games and several other exciting competitions within UK!FAMILY SYSTEMWith 2nd Year as parents and 3rd/4th Years as grandparents, Freshers are our children and the priority of the family system! Just sign up and we will allocate you into a family that can be your sense of comfort away from home, your sources of advice, guidance, mini outings and fun!CAREERSRanging from networking opportunities with relevant Malaysian firms/organisations and other career-focused Malaysians, to Career-building Workshops and access to career platforms, our Careers team aspires to connect and equip our members the best we can.MALAYSIAN NIGHTEvery year, we put on an original production involving 100+ members As our biggest and one of the major flagship events, this is a Freshers event to be part of! Whether it is acting, singing, dancing, managing the backstage or getting involved in marketing or funding, we have a place for everyone of all experiences. For many, it is a once in a lifetime experience. Miss it, miss out!ALUMNIThrough our Alumni platform, we connect all the UCL Malaysian Alumni to our current students for the purposes of networking, receiving mentorship and getting guidance. We also ensure that we remain in contact with our beloved seniors while providing them access to the plethora of benefits UCL offers their alumni.OUTREACHThis new department seeks to create and provide outreach and volunteering opportunities for our members, may it be through human rights campaigns, free tutoring or access to other volunteering organisations and affiliations. We hope to enable you to meet new friends and make new experiences while contributing back to the society.