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Logo of Mandarin Debating Society

Mandarin Debating Society

King's College London (KCL)


The Mandarin Debating Society encourages all students to experience and celebrate the joys of debating in Mandarin in a friendly environment. We want to create events during which we will all be involved, debating and discussing issues, both socially and critically. Our core event is to participate in annual University of London Mandarin Chinese Debating Competition and National Mandarin Debating Competition. In addition we hold regular debating training session with invited guests and offer opportunities to send our debating team to play friendly game across London. we plan to seek for opportunities to cooperate with other Chinese Society such as Asian Society, Taiwanese Society as well as Chinese Students and Scholars Association for Mandarin culture spreading purposes. We throw monthly socials at London top Chinese restaurants and karaoke. All potential Mandarin Learners are welcomed to share their great minds and passion with us. Please contact us if you'd like more information!





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