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Description Join This Group MDX TV's vision is to promote student life and to encourage students into being the greatest version of themselves, stepping into their identity and individuality with boldness. Come and create your truth, your authenticity, and share your perspective on life! From interviews to live streams to filming short films or promo videos for events, societies or personal projects, you have the freedom to get as creative as you like. We're looking to collaborate closely with students from all fields who are interested in promoting their events, getting engaged in video, or maybe even have their own show in their field of interest. The main skills you need? A burning desire to express life and take time out to create something unique the world has never seen before, or has, but not from your perspective! We're currently forming a strong team of videographers, presenters, and post-production editors.  The software we focus on using are Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, OBS(Open Broadcasting Software). So if yo have had experience in any of those fields, or if you are interested but never knew where to start, this is the place! Come grab a camera and get on shooting, vlogging, filming, creating, documenting! Let's go! MDX Student MediaMDX Student Media is your platform to entertain, educate and inform thousands of MDX students about the stories that matter. With MDX Student Media you can publish your original writing in our online and print platforms, record and produce videos and podcasts, or broadcast a radio show live from our state of the art studio. We are a supportive and friendly team who work together to start interesting and informative conversations about the campus and community issues that MDX students care about. No media experience is needed to get involved! We offer training, workshops and the support you need to create your own engaging content, share your personal stories and amplify the MDX student voice. 
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