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A group dedicated to celebrating, educating, liberating, supporting, and listening to black students at MDX. Our aim is to help black students find their sense of belonging by connecting them to a network of other black students, academics, and resources. We are a space that students can come to if they’re having issues navigating MDX if they’d like to report any racial discrimination or just want to bask in that unique vibe that only occurs when being surrounded by your skin folk. But it isn’t just for Black students from African or Caribbean backgrounds; it’s also about how we can be allies to persons from Arab & Asian heritage, members of LGBTQ+, persons with disabilities etc. We host events aimed at connecting black students and facilitating conversations about issues that affect black persons specifically and society as a whole. Our plan for this year is to deliver more events focused on starting those crucial conversations; we plan on creating a space for black persons of all kinds. We continually say that black people aren’t a monolith, and it’s important that the spaces we create are as diverse as the persons we invite to these spaces. This year we’ll also be teaming up with ACS to deliver you the best year ever filled with fun, conversation, and events! You can get involved by joining our society to receive first intel on all our events, subscription to our monthly newsletter, a link to our group chat where you can connect with other Black Students at MDX and stay up to date with all current news regarding black persons globally. You can reach us on any of our socials:                                                                                                                            IF ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER THEN ALL ISSUES ARE BLACK ISSUES                                 
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