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At the LSESU's Microfinance Society, we seek to explore the concept of microfinance and understand the power of finance products as tools for financial inclusion. To do this, we conduct research, host speaker events, and run various microfinance related projects.Every year, we invite Sadru Akbarali, former senior programme manager for Aga Khan Agency, to conduct an enriching 5-session crash course on Microfinance. Starting from the origins of microfinance, Sadru provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of microfinance, ending with opportunities and challenges this field faces today.Through the LSESU Microfinance Consulting Division, members work in teams to provide microfinance institutions with pro-bono consultancy services. By conducting in-depth research, students develop insights and solutions to support the meaningful endeavours of microfinance institutions across the globe. These yearly projects aid students in learning valuable consulting, fundraising and project management skills and gain an incisive look into the work of Microfinance Institutions. We have collaborated with institutions from all over the world, including Rangde, DEKI and LendWithCare.Through the LSESU Researching Division, we also engage in critical discourse regarding microfinance through extensive research, personal interviews with prominent institutions in the microfinance field and publication of articles on our own website. Join us to broaden your understanding about microfinance and financial inclusion and create real impact. Membership Purchasing a membership to our society will give you access to all of our research publications, events, and consulting initiatives. As a member, you'll get the opportunity to not only broaden your knowledge about microfinance and financial inclusion, but also make an impact in the microfinance community. The membership will also be needed to fill any roles we offer, including sub-committee roles in our research and consulting divisions. Events and Activities Over the course of the year, we will host a wide variety of events and initiatives including: Crash Course Regular Events (Panel Discussions, Speaker Events, Socials, Case Studies) Opportunity to be a pro-bono consultant in our various Consulting Projects Opportunity to be a Research Analyst in our Research Team
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