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The Imperial College Nigerian Society (ICNS) is the official home to Nigerian students, and all students with interest in the Nigerian culture, who are currently studying at the university, irrespective of degree level, specialisation or year of study. Through our expansive network, we serve as the nexus for graduated alumni, prospective students looking to learn more about life at Imperial, and companies looking to attract Nigerian diaspora talent. The ICNS was founded with the sole purpose of enriching the experiences of the Nigerian community at Imperial. To this end, we host a number of social and professional events over the course of the year; from Topical Debate series, to Networking dinners, Guest lectures, Career Talks, and Symposiums. We are dedicated to preserving and promoting Nigerian culture. We inspire the community to give back to Nigeria intellectually through enriching and inclusive events that promote social integration. …And you know what? Membership is free! Join us today and you are in for great experiences!
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