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Logo of Nigerian Students Association

Nigerian Students Association

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Our aims to ensure Nigerian students and other African students in Anglia Ruskin University achieve their major purpose of being in the school with little or no problem; to ensure we all maximize the enormous opportunities being in Anglia Ruskin University and being in the UK environment present us with; and to foster unity among all Nigerian student and promote a productive collaboration among all African students in the school and UK at large to ensure the success of the above. Our activities Every Trimester we will work hard to continually incorporate into the Association the people who are interested in moving the association forward with a traditional end-of-Trimester party and to grow more interest from the members. The activity stated above will help our second plan which is to continually relaunch the association at the begining of every Trimester with series of orientation programmes, which includes series of lectures and end with a welcome party not just to welcome the new students for the Trimester but to update our activities in line with the new realities to further aid our vision of ensuring a smooth settling into the new school and or a new environment for students and ensuring we all achieve our purpose of being in the UK We plan to periodically host conferences that will involve Anglia Ruskin Alumni and successful people in the UK We plan to at least once in a year host a trip to the one of the most popular UK schools among Nigerians, Cambridge University and to London to witness a city they have always been heard of and its popular cultural items We also plan weekly socials and meetings to keep the bond and the association continuously active