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Imperial College London (ICL)

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Alreet! Nah then! How do! We are Northern Society. We aim to create a community for all that’s as friendly and welcoming as the North itself, while widening appreciation of Northern Culture amongst the student body through our themed events. As a member you will be able to participate in our events at a discount or absolutely free. Here’s what we hope to bring you this year: 1.Chin wags Fortnightly mingles wi brews and biccies – a chance to meet and chat to Imperial’s Northerners. 2.Quizzes A classic, but Northern. 3.Music nights Northern bands, Northern bangers. Get on your dancing shoes! 4.Greggs-related content While our primary objectives are to provide our members and the wider college community with a taste of the North, we also aim to promote awareness of the persistent inequality between the North and South of England. Things we like: •Greggs •Gravy •Good times Things we dislike: •Pret à manger
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