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Welcome to Imperial Nutritank Society! In our current era, people say that you are what you eat. The population is also moving towards a more vegetarian and vegan based diet, yet obesity levels are higher than ever. Lifestyle, mindfulness and diet - what does it all clinically really mean? Imperial Nutritank Society want to dissect these questions, as the society is part of a national organisation, that aims to promote the need for greater nutrition and lifestyle education in medical schools’ curricula and the wider community. Lifestyle medicine is the answer to many of our patient's health conditions. Therefore, we believe that by empowering a strong cohort of Imperial medical students to engage with nutrition and lifestyle medicine, it will help our future doctors learn to give more meaningful patient advice! We aim to raise Imperial medical students’ awareness around the importance of nutrition and lifestyle medicine for all stages of healthcare from prevention to wellbeing. What makes Nutritank Society unique is that we work in collaboration with the National organisation and other UK University Nutritank societies, giving our members the chance to get involved in wider educational opportunties, creating a lovely sense of community! From nutritional events by exceptional experts, to lifestyle medicine campaigns and trips to delicious food socials, join and become a member to see what all the nutritional excitement is about!
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