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Welcome to the ICSM Oncology Society! The society was founded in April 2013 due to the overwhelming interest in the field of Oncology in medical school. From year 1, to finals in year 6, oncology is a core component in our medical school and beyond. We hold interesting talks with pioneers in the field of clinical oncology, as well as journal clubs – everyone is welcome to come along. For those who are research (and points minded!) we also have research opportunities for our members with affiliated Imperial healthcare researchers. We raise money for the charity Macmillan through bake sales and fundraisers. And second years, it’s not all BAD (if you don’t know what I did there then you definitely need to read the rest of this sentence) – we will be holding cancer tutorials so you ace the second year MCD exam! If you want to get involved in one of the most dynamic societies at Imperial, get your membership today- it’s free! Our committee can’t wait to see you at our events through the next academic year!
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