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Queen Mary, University Of London (QMUL)


Hello and Welcome to Barts Oncology Society!We are a society dedicated to all the aspects of cancer management, from primary care screening all the way to cutting-edge research that hasn’t been seen in the clinic yet. Our aim is to help you engage with oncology and increase awareness of the opportunities for research and clinical practice in this field. As oncology is not a big part of medical school curriculum, we would would like to offer you a number of events which would allow you to explore this specialty further and become more familiar of what it takes to be an oncologist!This year events will include:TALKS Viruses in treatment of cancer Cancer treatment and fertility preservation Patient perspective on cancer treatment  and many more...MENTORSHIP SCHEME pair up with an oncologist and shadow him/her in their day to day life learn what is this specialty about get to see both clinical and scientific sides of oncologyAnd much more!! Hope to see you all at our events so that you can see by yourself why cancer is everybody’s business! 
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