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Goldsmiths, University Of London (GS)


A place for neo-Pagans and Witches to discuss faith, devotion, and their individual practices and beliefs related to modern Paganism and witchcraft. This is not a religion, and is not affiliated with Wicca (the most common Pagan religion). This is a place to share common experiences across the spectrum of personal and individualist practices.The term Pagan is used to refer to neo-Paganism, a wide range of groups, beliefs, movements, and attitudes that aim to engage with ancient Gods and polytheistic beliefs. The term "Witch" is a genderless term, used to refer to ANY practitioner of "witchcraft", which includes a range of practices aimed at creating change. Traditionally, this would be through a belief in supernatural forces, however many modern Witches do not believe in spirits or Gods in a traditional sense, believing instead in using such practices as a form of controlled placebo, creating psychological change in themselves. We only believe in seeking change in ourselves, and not others.We realise there is a lot of fear and prejudice around the terms "witch" and "Pagan" a lot of it stemming from a long history of Christian fearmongering around this area. We would be more than happy to answer any questions relating to this, or to address any concerns. We believe we have the same right as any to congregate to discuss our beliefs.