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We are dedicated to providing Pharmacology Tutorials and interesting external speaker events. •We provide talks, tutorials and revision series for people possessing an interest in pharmacology and/or the pharmaceutical industry. •Imperial College Pharmacology Society was created to serve as a platform for Imperial students to think, learn and engage in Pharmacology. •We have various activities and events planned throughout the year, ranging from a revision series to help you ace your exams, to exciting and topical talks by guest speakers in both research and industry. •Pharmacology makes up a large proportion of year 2 LCRS exams. We aim to provide you with the best preparation possible for exams. •Whether you are set on finding a cure for cancer through research, keen on pursuing a career in pharmaceuticals, or simply want to learn about the side effects of aspirin for your exams - we are the society for you! •Importantly, we emphasise that students from ANY Imperial College faculty are welcome to join as members - all that is required is a curiosity and interest in pharmacology! •Our 3 key aims are as follows: 1. Revision series and tutorials for junior medical students, led by older years, to help develop a solid understanding of the syllabus and integrate this into their future clinical careers. 2. Cutting-edge talks by renowned speakers from medical, pharmaceutical and research backgrounds, aimed at cultivating interest in pharm careers or research among medical, science and business students! 3. Demystify pharmacology as a dull and complex topic!
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