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The King’s College London Philosophy Society is a group of friendly and like-minded individuals who are passionate about philosophy. As a member of the King’s College London Student Union, the society’s organisation is completely student led and for the benefit of all students irrespective of their department. Events Throughout the year, we strive to organise lectures given by established academicians and professors on a wide range of topics with the general goal of making more students aware and interested in philosophy and critical thinking. In addition, we also hold many social events throughout the year which are a great and casual way to meet and network with fellow students having similar interests. In addition to lectures and socials, we also have debates as well as three student conferences planned plus various collaborative events with other King’s societies throughout the year. If you would like to suggest a speaker for our next organised lecture, or would like to check out our upcoming events, check out our Facebook page.  Reading Groups The Philosophy Society also runs a number of student initiated reading groups throughout the year! Such groups can be either focused on a specific piece of writing or topic based and containing various readings. These reading groups are a fantastic way to gain deeper insight into a certain text and to discuss with your peers. Sancte et SapienterSancte et Sapienter is a philosophy journal run by the KCL Philosophy Society that seeks to allow students to publish their original works. This year, in an effort to make our initiative more environmentally conscious, we plan on shifting from a printed journal to an online-based publication. Information including submission guidelines here. POLIS This year, the KCL Philosophy Society is proud to be a member of Philosophers of London in Solidarity or POLIS which involves several universities across London and we are humbled to host this year’s POLIS Conference. More information on POLIS can be found here. MAP The Minorities and Philosophy, or MAP for short, also runs various philosophy events throughout the year. More information on MAP can be found here.