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King’s College London Politics Society is a forum for discussing pressing political issues across the national and international spheres. We hold principles of non-partisanship and student leadership to host a variety of high-profile conferences, workshops and publish a quarterly journal. The conferences bring together international experts, including journalists, scholars, MPs and diplomats, to provide original analysis for the students. They are followed by complimentary wine receptions that allow personal discussions with the speakers and distinctive networking opportunities. Also, the society is the first to host exclusive workshops for notable experts to share their skills with the students in smaller venues. We are also proud to publish College’s only quarterly political journal, Dialogue, where students and experts publish their commentaries on a wide range of contemporary political issues. With readers and contributors in over 30 countries, Dialogue has evolved into a globally engaging journal. Finally, KCL Politics Society is a co-founder of the Careers in Public Policy Week: a college wide project aiming to provide an insight into such career opportunities. Our hundreds of official members and thousands of engaged students have turned Politics Society into one of the most rapidly growing societies at King’s. Our ambition and success was highlighted with the 2012-13 KCLSU President of the Year and Media Silver Crown awards. We hope that you join us to get informed of and engaged in the world of politics!
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